Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello again!

Wow! It's been 4 months since last blogging! People have probably abandoned this site! :)

Well, I'm inspired to keep up with it now that life is starting to find a routine again.

In the past 4 months, we brought Linden home, watched him thrive, helped Lily adjust to having a little brother, said goodbye to our kitty Moxie, had a great summer with many family get togethers and celebrations, gotten through the first months of Lily's preschool adventure and we have recently put our condo up for sale.

Since the moment Kevin and I decided to start our life together, we have been on fast-forward mode... no slowing down in sight! We feel blessed to have 2 healthy children who make us laugh every day and remind us what all our worrying and hard work is for. We take pride in the relationships we work hard to maintain with our friends and family. We have been lucky enough to have career stability that allows me to stay home with the kids until the spring. And we have appreciated the support from those who constantly strive to understand our life and our goals as a family, knowing that our choices may not be the popular ones.

I'll post just a couple pictures here and I'll continue to post as much as I can. :)


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